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What is Kerno?

Kerno is an IT platform that allows aeronautical organizations control and total visibility of the activities and processes involved in MRO and operations, carried out by the different involved business areas.

website service

How does Kerno help me?

  • Kerno automates the most important processes of the aeronautical operator, whether internal or external.

  • Kerno provides key information that allows aeronautical organizations to keep aligned with their strategic objectives.

  • Allows monitoring and follow up of business processes indicators for real-time decision making that improve the competitiveness of the organization.
  • Kerno´s Modular Arquitecture

    website service

    Kerno allows the aircraft maintenance planning providing the due date of the different tasks, along with “what if” type analysis to build up different scenarios. It keeps a permanent update of each aircraft configuration of the entire fleet, till the level of detail chosen by the operator.

    MRO Projects

    Kerno is a key element in global planning and helps aircraft operator or MRO organization to sequence and rank the task cards in order to give dimension to big projects and accurately plan Human and Material Resources allocation.

    Material Resources

    Once defined the requirements for parts, materials, rotable items and tools for a specific project, Kerno is a valuable tool in the necessary planning for its acquisition, evaluation, calibration and supplier qualification. It can manage clients or third party stocks and regulate the aspects of incoming legal inspection as well as traceability.

    Human Resources

    Most complex face of a big aeronautical MRO event, is the managing of Human Resources, this due to regulatory, licensing and training implications. Kerno helps to mitigate the managing part and through data base and repositories, lightens the associated workload. By graphical interfaces allows the project chief to conduct a focalized follow up of the resources flow adherence to the originally scheduled plan and permits to make opportune changes imposed by out-of-control situations.


    Being a global IT package, Kerno allows to keep financing scenarios in real time, fed by active cost centers and, by means of graphical interfaces, to know adherences or deviations to the original financial plans. Graphical interfaces are extremely friendly and easy to use, and represent a significant reduction in workloads to the organization´s financiers.


    Any organization linked to air transport can benefit using Kerno as its global TI suite, from MRO organizations which are its origin to airlines and airports, can improve its management and drastically reduce planning and administrative workloads. Kerno Suite integration allows to create scenarios which help to make decisions, referring to organization and process improvements.


    Kerno maintains a dedicated web page for the MRO customers wishing to follow up their aircraft work general advancement in real time and the expense level incurred comparatively with the budgeted one. This convenient feature saves substantial organization resources devoted to the interaction with the customer and its information requirements.  


    Kerno keeps records and supplier level performance by means of the sound process and custody of results in the completed transactions, from quotations till the delivery of the products, whichever they are. In this sense Kerno gradually builds a supplier and its performance database that can be graphically consulted for making decisions and for quick quotation integrations.

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